Show Notes – Games July 7th

We didn’t expect a great turn out for Sunday’s show – it is summertime after all – but 16 riders came out and had a load of fun…as we always do at games.  If you’ve never ridden games at MHC it’s something you really should try sometime.  Your horse might like the change from that same old round and round on the rail routine, and although you can, you don’t have to go hell bent for leather around the barrels and poles.  Trotting a full barrel course is perfectly acceptable and at lots of shows people do.

One thing you’ll really notice at games shows is how relaxed and easy going everyone is.  There’s a markedly different atmosphere and most who have never experienced it before are quite surprised.

We ran some interesting patterns this time, including Quadrangle, Big-T, Five Star Barrels and Handy Pony.  We haven’t set some of these patterns in quite a while, and that made for a lot of fun and a few DQs for going off pattern.  Note: all Games patterns are in our rules book at  Games patterns start on page 23.

We want to extend a big MHC welcome to Sarah Macdonald and her new to her quarter horse Bo.  Considering she and Bo are still trying to figure each other out, they did a pretty good job and turned in some very respectable times.  In fact, they blew everyone out of the water on the Five Star Barrel run, beating the next fastest time by a full 10 seconds, and then took high point for their division. Not too bad!

Sarah and Bo

Sarah and Bo

Sarah also shared fastest barrel time of the day with Shae-Lynn Ringrose on Annika at 20.53 seconds.  Next time we have Sarah and Shae-Lynn on the grounds together, we’ll have to hold a special runoff to break that tie.

The only family team in attendance was Team Ledger, starring Aspen and Harrison.  Both turned in some great times and each managed to take high point in their respective divisions.  Those Ledgers know how to ride.

One thing that caught both Angie’s and my attention this show was the amount of cheering from the holding area.  It was really nice to see other riders being so incredibly supportive and made for a ton of fun.

Our new, and as yet unfenced, warm up arena had a good try out yesterday and the footing proved to be superb.  Five inches of crusher dust, on top of 6 inches of heavily packed ¾” road crush seems to be the magic combination.  Dean Davies, of Davies Sand & Gravel personally did all the grading and packing and we owe him a huge vote of thanks for doing such a great job.  There’s even some talk of being able to hold driving events in it now that we’ve made it larger, so stay tuned for that.

As always, we couldn’t have run the show without our hard working volunteers.  Sandy Ringrose, Lisa Ledger and Tanya Perry made it all happen in the arena; manning gates, setting poles and moving barrels.  Jeremy Zacharias, Leslie Cronjaeger and Juanita Zacharias worked the show booth, while Matt De Jong, Sharon D’Souza and yours truly worked the concession and Andrea Walker manned the registration desk and as always, took a ton of pictures.

High points for the day are as follows:

Masters: Diane Amyotte on Peppy, with reserve to Helen Howell on Kitty.

Seniors: Sarah Macdonald on Bo, with reserve to Angie De Jong on Deeba.

Intermediate:  Aspen Ledger on Nelly, with reserve to Shae-Lynn Ringrose on Annika.

Juniors: No entries…where are you guys?

PeeWee: Harrison Ledger on Trinket, with a reserve tie between Laura Perry on Buttons and Madysen Smith on Rhea.

Leadline:  Danielle Royston or Rocky.

Thanks everyone for coming.  Our next Games Show is September 8th.  In between we have our two premiere events of the year, Jumper Days from July 15th to the 21st and the Trophy Show on August 24th and 25th.

Paul Knapp with Angie De Jong

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