2013 Year End Awards

Our Annual Awards Dinner Banquet was held this past weekend at Eighteen Pastures Golf Course.

To have qualified for year end awards, riders must:

  • Be a Mission Horse Club member in Good Standing
  • Ride in 3 Qualifying shows
  • Contribute 10 hours of Volunteer Time

Congratulations to all our competitors. We hope to see many of you return next year, and hopefully some more qualifiers in our Masters and Seniors divisions.



1st place Diane Amyotte on Peppy



1st place Angie De Jong on Deeba


2nd place Raylene Kocsis on Sophie


1st place Aspen Ledger on Nellie


2nd Place Shae-lynn Ringrose on Annika Rock Bar



1st place Krista Mooney on Scotty



1st place Madyson Smith on Rhea- winner of the Horse Effects Pee Wee Barrel Saddle, donated By Diane Amyotte, Horse Effects owner.


2nd Place Laura Perry and Buttons


3rd Grace Chamber on Mac


Fastest Barrel Time: Raylene Kocsis on Boxer

Leadline- Tie for first Danielle Royston on Rocky And Samuel Chambers on Dayton


Gerry Griner Service Award:Paul Knapp


Most Helpful Non Riding Member– Leslie Allen


Most Helpful Riding Member– Nicole Venerey


Horse of the Year– Rhea, owned by Madyson and Sandra Smith. Rhea passed away this summer at the age of 35.


Most Improved Horse and Rider

Laura Perry and Buttons


Sandra Smith and Amika


Most Sportsmanlike- Meshell Simms


Coach of the Year- Tara Mobbs

Tara couldn't be at our banquet, but her attending students accepted on her behalf.

Tara couldn’t be at our banquet, but her attending students accepted on her behalf.


Masters: None Qualified

Seniors: 1st place: Angie De Jong on Brodie


2nd Place Raylene Kocsis on Raven

3rd Place Meshell Simms on Ieme


3rd Place Joslin Clarkson on Joy



1st place Angela Albertson on Yogi

2nd Place Chelsea Wensley on Believe in Miracles


3rd Place Kristen Shuil on Jay Dee



1st place Jordan Carver on Martini to Go


2nd Place Cassidy Venerey on Sage


3rd place Krista Mooney on Scotty


Pee Wee:

1st place Ariel Carver on Fancy


2nd Place Laura Perry on Buttons


3rd place Ashley Walker on Indy



Masters : None Qualified


1st Place Angie De Jong on Brodie


2nd Place Kendall Campbell on Lucky


1st Place Chelsea Wensley on Believe in Miracles


2nd Place Marlie Ducharme



1st Place: Cassidy Venerey on Sage


2nd Krista Mooney on Scotty


3rdPlace Hannah Laroque on Casper


Pee Wee:

1st place : Madyson Smith on Rhea


2nd place: Ashley Walker on Indy


3rd Place: Laura Perry on Buttons


Show Notes – Games July 7th

We didn’t expect a great turn out for Sunday’s show – it is summertime after all – but 16 riders came out and had a load of fun…as we always do at games.  If you’ve never ridden games at MHC it’s something you really should try sometime.  Your horse might like the change from that same old round and round on the rail routine, and although you can, you don’t have to go hell bent for leather around the barrels and poles.  Trotting a full barrel course is perfectly acceptable and at lots of shows people do.

One thing you’ll really notice at games shows is how relaxed and easy going everyone is.  There’s a markedly different atmosphere and most who have never experienced it before are quite surprised.

We ran some interesting patterns this time, including Quadrangle, Big-T, Five Star Barrels and Handy Pony.  We haven’t set some of these patterns in quite a while, and that made for a lot of fun and a few DQs for going off pattern.  Note: all Games patterns are in our rules book at http://missionhorseclub.org/about/mhc-rules-2-2/  Games patterns start on page 23.

We want to extend a big MHC welcome to Sarah Macdonald and her new to her quarter horse Bo.  Considering she and Bo are still trying to figure each other out, they did a pretty good job and turned in some very respectable times.  In fact, they blew everyone out of the water on the Five Star Barrel run, beating the next fastest time by a full 10 seconds, and then took high point for their division. Not too bad!

Sarah and Bo

Sarah and Bo

Sarah also shared fastest barrel time of the day with Shae-Lynn Ringrose on Annika at 20.53 seconds.  Next time we have Sarah and Shae-Lynn on the grounds together, we’ll have to hold a special runoff to break that tie.

The only family team in attendance was Team Ledger, starring Aspen and Harrison.  Both turned in some great times and each managed to take high point in their respective divisions.  Those Ledgers know how to ride.

One thing that caught both Angie’s and my attention this show was the amount of cheering from the holding area.  It was really nice to see other riders being so incredibly supportive and made for a ton of fun.

Our new, and as yet unfenced, warm up arena had a good try out yesterday and the footing proved to be superb.  Five inches of crusher dust, on top of 6 inches of heavily packed ¾” road crush seems to be the magic combination.  Dean Davies, of Davies Sand & Gravel personally did all the grading and packing and we owe him a huge vote of thanks for doing such a great job.  There’s even some talk of being able to hold driving events in it now that we’ve made it larger, so stay tuned for that.

As always, we couldn’t have run the show without our hard working volunteers.  Sandy Ringrose, Lisa Ledger and Tanya Perry made it all happen in the arena; manning gates, setting poles and moving barrels.  Jeremy Zacharias, Leslie Cronjaeger and Juanita Zacharias worked the show booth, while Matt De Jong, Sharon D’Souza and yours truly worked the concession and Andrea Walker manned the registration desk and as always, took a ton of pictures.

High points for the day are as follows:

Masters: Diane Amyotte on Peppy, with reserve to Helen Howell on Kitty.

Seniors: Sarah Macdonald on Bo, with reserve to Angie De Jong on Deeba.

Intermediate:  Aspen Ledger on Nelly, with reserve to Shae-Lynn Ringrose on Annika.

Juniors: No entries…where are you guys?

PeeWee: Harrison Ledger on Trinket, with a reserve tie between Laura Perry on Buttons and Madysen Smith on Rhea.

Leadline:  Danielle Royston or Rocky.

Thanks everyone for coming.  Our next Games Show is September 8th.  In between we have our two premiere events of the year, Jumper Days from July 15th to the 21st and the Trophy Show on August 24th and 25th.

Paul Knapp with Angie De Jong

Gerry Griner 2013 Show Notes

June in the Fraser Valley is a most unpredictable month, so you never know what weather you’ll get when you plan an event.  Luckily for us, the weather gods were kind on Sunday and it was a picture perfect day for our 41st annual Gerry Griner Show.

Things got off to an early start when several club members (Leslie, Marlie, Andrea, Debbie, Carleigh, Nicole, Ashley, Cassidy, Angie and Emma) camped out the night before the show.  Debbie Wensley’s years as a guide leader were put to good use building a huge bonfire.  A few more folks came up later on and joined in the campfire conversation which made for an evening reminiscent of the good old days  when  MHC was the center of social activity for so many of its members.  On Sunday morning, our campers woke bleary eyed and tired after some crazy shenanigans in the night by a drunk driver on Stave Lake Street.  Lack of sleep however did not deter them from having fun and putting in the hard work required to run the show.

Events officially got underway with a cake cutting by Mission Mayor, Ted Adlem.  Years ago, Ted was president of MHC and it was good to see him back on the grounds.  We even managed to get him up on Shelly Mooney’s horse Scotty for a few pictures.

After the cake cutting, the fun started with the ever popular Gerry Griner Costume Class.  The creativity shown by this year’s 19 participants was amazing.  Judge, and honorary lifetime member, Helen Howell, had such a tough time deciding who to award trophies to that she was forced to make up whole new categories, including: Most Like to Have a Snooze, Best Fairytale, Best Tourist, Most Mystical, Best Superhero, Most Exotic, Most Elegant, Best Cowgirl, Best Jockey, Best Group, Most Authentic, Most Colorful, Funniest, Best Paired, Most Original And Most Seaworthy.  Most seaworthy?  Only Helen could have dreamed that one up.  From her vantage point in the show booth, Angie’s favorites were Tacky Tourist and Most Seaworthy.

Next up, were Gerry Griner favorites:  Bare Back Equitation, Bareback Doubles and Bare Back-Back-to-Back.  The best switch of the day in Bareback Doubles went to senior division riders Meshell Simms and Chrissy Paquette, who were having WAY TOO MUCH FUN acting like a couple of 9 year olds.  It was great to see so many kids having fun and adults acting like kids having fun.

This year saw some great turnouts by family teams, including Team Carver (4), Team Perry (2), Team Smith (2), Team Vernerey (2), Team Howes (2), Team Kocsis (3) and Team Chambers (4).  There are probably a couple of other family teams I’ve missed, for which I apologize.  It sure seems like MHC is once again becoming a real family oriented club.

The second annual Egg Stomp Grudge Match between Matt De Jong and Stef Hendrickson, went this year to Matt.  Seeing as it took Matt almost 12 months to get around to washing Stef’s truck after last year’s loss, we expect it’ll be some time before Stef gets anywhere near Matt’s truck with a wash bucket.

We had a ton of MHC debuts at this show, including a couple Carver kids, a bunch of Kocsis family members and friends, Fraser Valley Building Supply’s own Sam Haga on her good old boy Brownie, Agwest Veterinarian Brent Fawcett on his Clydesdale Laddy and Paul Knapp on Safira Kocsis’ horse Harley.  Brent and Paul had so much fun, they decided to make it their mission to encourage more male riders and to ask the show committee to include a “guys only” class at next year’s show.

Special thanks go to Anna Chartier for allowing us to display her spectacular Gerry Griner made saddle at the foot of the Show Booth.  She won it way back in 1977.  And, Colleen Kocsis brought some Griner trophies from days gone by to help connect us with our roots…thanks Colleen.

The Most Memorable Moment Trophy went, for the second year in a row, to Devyn Smith.  This year he managed to pull the bridle right off his pony’s head as he ran for the sack in the Musical Sacks race.  He reached back, grabbed Rocky by the halter, pulled for all he was worth and managed to make it to a sack just in time to stay in the race.  Other trophies of note were: Sam Haga for Exceptional Horsemanship, Cassidy Howes for Best Dressed, Brianne Lavalee for Most Sportsmanlike and Haley Kocsis for Smallest Pony.

Of course, none of this could have happened without the efforts of our hard working volunteers.  This year’s show was brought to you by: Monique Vernerey and Debbie Wensley in registration, Matt De Jong, Leslie Allen, Shane Howes and Sharon D’Souza in the concession; Jeremy Zacharias, Leslie Cronjaeger and Angie De Jong in the show booth, Paul Knapp as water boy, Jennifer Gowridge on in-gate, Margaret Jones as ring clerk,  Susan Laroque on out-gate and Juanita Zacharias on trophies and prizes.  Special mention also goes to Juanita for doing her usual amazing job on decorations.

This show I had a chance to walk around the grounds and connect with as many people as possible, and I couldn’t help but notice what a wonderful time everyone was having.  I know Gerry would have been proud to see so many people enjoying his legacy and I know he’d be especially proud to see so many new kids riding this year.  Thanks everyone for coming out and thanks for helping us all have so much fun.

Paul Knapp with Angie De Jong


Gerry Griner Memorial Show 2013- Gallery

Special Thank You’s for another wonderful Gerry Griner Memorial Show, special thank you to Juanita Zacharias for her gorgeous tribute display, the concession volunteers for dishing out homemade Chili and to Mayor Ted Adlem for cutting our Show cake!



June 2nd Games Show Notes and Results

It all came together on June 2nd, the weather, the riders, the horses and even a good number of spectators.  What a great day it turned out to be.  By the end of the day we had 32 rider/horse combinations and that makes for some fun competition.

Yesterday seemed to be a day of firsts, with several riders showing for their very first time.  We want to welcome Tianna Howes on Spot on Specialist and Danielle Royston on Rocky to the world of showing and especially to the Mission Horse Club.  Yesterday was also the first time I can remember where more than 10% of the riders were male.  Larry Mapstone, Ryder Davies-Illander, Zach and Sam Chambers and Lucas Gawehns all put on great performances.  Way to go guys, it was sure nice to see some balance in the game.  Believe it or not, there was a time when the rider mix at shows was about equal guys and gals.

Yesterday also saw the first Canadian horse to compete at MHC in a few years. Alisha Smith rode Fancy to place in most classes.   It was nice to see this historical breed whose foundations in Canada date back to 1665, at our show.  We hope to see lots more of you and Fancy in the future Alisha.

Carleigh Knapp rode barrels for her first time and managed to turn in a respectable time.  Raylene Kocsis generously let her ride Leroy and coached her around the barrels.  Something tells me Carleigh got bit by the barrel racing bug.  Way to go Raylene.

And, Hansi Thompson brought her Thoroughbred Rita to her very first show where she did great.  Of course that speaks volumes to Hansi’s abilities, but wait a minute!  Hansi on a Thoroughbred?  Who would have thought.

However there was one first we hope to never see again – Angie De Jong’s potentially disastrous fall.  At the start of her Keyhole run, the off-side billet broke on her saddle and the saddle rolled off to the left, hurling Angie to the ground where she hit her hips and head very hard.  Meanwhile, the wreck continued to unfold as the saddle rolled under Deeba and sent her careening away and then bucking back towards Angie, who was down and not moving.  Eventually, the breast collar broke and freed Deeba, who then ran off and calmed down enough for Shelly Mooney to catch her.  While this seemingly slow motion disaster played out before us, our hearts were in our mouths in the show booth as the announcer for the day was Angie’s mom Leslie.

After several minutes, and attendance by our very capable first aid people, Angie was able to get up and walk off to cheers and clapping from the crowd.  Whatever your thoughts on making helmets mandatory, and there’s been a bunch of facebook discussion on that lately, I don’t think anyone can argue that Angie wearing a helmet yesterday was a very good thing.

Special thanks to our volunteers; the usual bunch included Shane and Samantha Howes, Tanya Perry, Chris Everitt, Colleen Kocsis.  Also helping were Larry Mapstone and his wife and a couple of guys I rounded up to help haul poles.  Thanks guys.

And a really big thanks to Leslie Cronjaeger for being guest announcer for the day.  In one of those rare moments where life comes full circle, I was able to show Leslie how to score keep on the computer.  It was Leslie who taught me how to score keep on the old paper system.

High Point Results are as follows:

Masters:  Dianne Amyotte on Peppy, Reserve to Heidi Gawehns on Jack

Seniors: Raylene Kocsis on Sofie, Reserve to Andrea Walker on Indy

Intermediate: a two way tie between Kassidy Howes on I’m a Sepcialist Too and Shae-Lynn Ringrose on Annika

Juniors: Krista Mooney on Scotty, Reserve to Tianna Howes on Spot on Specialist

PeeWees: Madysen Smith on Rhea, Reserve to Laura Perry on Buttons

LeadLine: Danielle Royston on Rocky, with Reserve going to Ryder Davies-Illander on Annik and Samuel Chambers on Dayton.

Thanks everyone for a great show.  We’ll see you next week at the June 9th English/Western Performance Show.

Ride safely, and don’t forget to give all your tack a good going over for safety, especially that off-side billet.

Paul Knapp – MHC Secretary


May 5th Games Show Notes

It’s only the fifth of May and already the temperature is soaring to 30 degrees.  This has to be one of the hottest May Games shows on record.  Sadly, attendance was anything but hot and we managed only 17 riders on 15 horses.  Where were the rest of you games riders?

We barely broke even on this show, once the cost of watering the arena and concession supplies was subtracted.  But, let’s not let a poor showing ruin the fun for those that did attend because they did have fun.

I want to welcome three great Friesian riders to their debut at the Mission Horse Club, and their first games show ever.  Amber Bradley on Klaske, Meshell Simms on Ema and Nicole Lee on Arten all put on great performances, and as always the Friesians were crowd pleasers with their high stepping gait.  Welcome you guys, we look forward to seeing lots more of you throughout the year.

Also debuting at this show, in the Leadline division, was Samuel Chambers riding a Clydsdale named Dayton.  Young Sam took first place in his division and won a high point ribbon.  Not too bad for his first show ever.

We had no riders at all in the Masters or Intermediate divisions and only one rider in the Junior division.  I know there are lots of young MHC riders in these divisions; I just don’t know where you all were.  We sure are missing you guys.

The highlight of this show, for me at least, was seeing founding MHC member and longtime President (16 years I think) Larry Mapstone out there helping young riders through their tough spots and officiating for the Keyhole and Egg Stomp.  Larry judges big shows all over North America and to see him helping at an entry level club like ours really is something special.  Thanks Larry.

Besides Larry, special thanks go to our volunteers Tanya Perry, Chris Everrit and Colleen Kocsis.  Also a special thank you is in order for Kelsey Mooney who helped both Jeremy and me in the show booth.  And of course, thank you to the usual group of board members who work so tirelessly to make these shows happen.

Don’t forget our next show is an English/Western event on May 26th, followed by a Games show on June 2nd.

Ride safely. We’ll see you soon,

Paul Knapp

MHC Secretary

Games Show May 5th Results

Here are the High Point Winners for the May 5th Games Show:


Masters Division – no riders

Senior Division – Rayleen Kocsis on Boxer

Intermediate Division – no riders

Junior Division – Krista Mooney on Scotty

PeeWee Division – Safira Kocsis on Pepto (Laura Perry on Buttons was a very close second)

Leadline Division – Samuel Chambers on Dayton

April 28th English/Western High Point Results

Here are the show results:

English High Point Winners:

Masters Division – Tanya Anderson on Coles Conquest

Seniors Division – Raylene Kocsis on Raven

Intermediate Division – Carleigh Knapp on Irwin’s Nice n Cool

Junior Division – Cassidy Vernery on Sage

PeeWee Division – Ariel Carver (I don’t have her horse name – please email info@missionhorseclub.org with info)

Western High Point Winners:

Masters Division – No Riders

Seniors Division – Dawn Germsheid on Shasta

Intermediate Division – Marlie Allen on Nemo

Junior Division – Cassidy Vernery on Sage

PeeWee Division – Ashley Walker on Indy

Lead Line Division – Liam Perry on Buttons


April 28th English/Western Show Notes

If you hold it, they will come, and come they did to our first English/Western show of the year.  We had 32 riders on 34 horses which was a fair turnout considering there were several other shows throughout the lower mainland on the same day.

The weather stated out with a clear sky but as the day wore on it grew cooler and the clouds rolled in. Luckily, the rain held off and we made it through without everyone getting soaked and anytime you can pull that off in Mission in April, you count your blessings.

This show saw some new riders and we want to welcome you to the MHC family. We hope to see lots more of you in the future.  Between shows, if you ever have questions don’t hesitate to email info@missionhorseclub.org and we’ll get you the answers or put you in touch with members who can.  And, you can always check in at our facebook pages.  You’ll be amazed at how friendly and helpful MHC club members are.


In these notes I want to really make a point of thanking those tireless volunteers who do so much for our club.  Horse shows don’t just happen all on their own. To pull them off takes literally hundreds of volunteer hours in the back end.  Most of that work is done by the Board of Directors and a few closely affiliated individuals.  Starting weeks before each show, this group works to arrange judges, maintain the grounds, create printed material, update the website, arrange food service, keep the water tank filled, and a host of other chores.  We do it because we love this club, and we care deeply about the family, friendship and horsemanship values it represents.


But there’s another group, without whose time and effort our shows simply could not go on. They are the moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, siblings and friends that step in to help, show after show, all year long.  These are the folks you see manning the in-gate, the out-gate, handing out ribbons, cleaning the parking lot, hauling jump poles, spotting at games, setting courses and running ring clerk marathons. These are the folks that really are the heart and soul of our club and they’re the ones that deserve most of the credit. They are the reason our shows have become the fun, organized events that we’re becoming known for.  On behalf of the Mission Horse Club Board of Directors I personally want to say thank you for being there.

Yesterday that group included: Colleen Kocsis, Tanya Perry, Tracy Carver, Madeline Albertson, Margaret Jones, Safira’s Kocsis’s dad, whose name I should know but don’t and Kristen Shuil’s mom whose name I should know as well.  You guys really are the best.

If I missed anyone please email me at info@missionhorseclub.org and let me know so I can record your volunteer hours.

See you next show.


April 7th Games Show Notes

The first Games Show of the year is often a wet one and this event proved to be no exception.  The day started off with promise, but by 11:00 AM, the rain was coming down in buckets.  That however did not deter our brave riders, and no matter how muddy the arena got, they continued to slog through it with determination, skill and some fine demonstrations of horsemanship in pretty trying conditions.

We had 20 riders in attendance, which given the weather was fair turnout.  Hopefully our next Games Show comes with sunshine and a much bigger turn out.

Helen Howell, on Kitty, was all alone in the Master’s Division but she rode all day like someone was chasing her and put in very solid performances.

In the Seniors Division, Raylene Kocsis on Boxer and Chrissy Paquette on Cinnamon carried on a running battle, turning in times that were often less than half a second apart.  Both are great riders, and watching performances at this level has the potential to turn our Games Shows into great spectator events.  We’re looking to some serious competition from them throughout the year.

In the Intermediate Division, Aspen Ledger and Shae-Lynn Ringrose were often neck and neck, but in the end Aspen edged ahead of her friend, to take division high point award.   Both Aspen And Shae-Lynn are new to the club this year and we’re thrilled to see them at their second show.

Krista Mooney was all alone in the Junior Division, but had there been some competition, she still might have taken high point…she is good.  So, where were the rest of you guys?  Keep missing shows and Krista will walk away with year end high point and all the fun prizes that go with it.  Hopefully, we see a lot more of you at the next show.

The PeeWee Division, on the other hand, was very well represented.  We have a bunch of great beginner riders and they’re showing some real potential, making this division the one to watch over time. It’s clear that several of these riders will become forces to be reckoned with as their skill level increases.  Safira Kocsis put on a brave show in spite of a less than cooperative horse…she’s a real trooper and like her mom, a great rider.  The Chambers sisters, Leah and Grace, both new to the club this year, took ribbons for the second show in a row. Their brother Zach would have ridden too, but tack problems forced him to scratch at the last minute.  Too bad Zack, we’ll be rooting for you at the next show, when you can show those girls how it’s done.  Laura Perry on Buttons put in her usual solid performance coming within a whisker of taking division high point, which in the end, was won by Madysen Smith on Fazzel Bidazel.  Well done Maddy!

We managed to wrap up things by 1:30, which gave us all time to get home early to warm up and dry out. Thanks for coming everyone. We’ll see you next show.

Paul (MHC Show Secretary)