April 7th Games Show Notes

The first Games Show of the year is often a wet one and this event proved to be no exception.  The day started off with promise, but by 11:00 AM, the rain was coming down in buckets.  That however did not deter our brave riders, and no matter how muddy the arena got, they continued to slog through it with determination, skill and some fine demonstrations of horsemanship in pretty trying conditions.

We had 20 riders in attendance, which given the weather was fair turnout.  Hopefully our next Games Show comes with sunshine and a much bigger turn out.

Helen Howell, on Kitty, was all alone in the Master’s Division but she rode all day like someone was chasing her and put in very solid performances.

In the Seniors Division, Raylene Kocsis on Boxer and Chrissy Paquette on Cinnamon carried on a running battle, turning in times that were often less than half a second apart.  Both are great riders, and watching performances at this level has the potential to turn our Games Shows into great spectator events.  We’re looking to some serious competition from them throughout the year.

In the Intermediate Division, Aspen Ledger and Shae-Lynn Ringrose were often neck and neck, but in the end Aspen edged ahead of her friend, to take division high point award.   Both Aspen And Shae-Lynn are new to the club this year and we’re thrilled to see them at their second show.

Krista Mooney was all alone in the Junior Division, but had there been some competition, she still might have taken high point…she is good.  So, where were the rest of you guys?  Keep missing shows and Krista will walk away with year end high point and all the fun prizes that go with it.  Hopefully, we see a lot more of you at the next show.

The PeeWee Division, on the other hand, was very well represented.  We have a bunch of great beginner riders and they’re showing some real potential, making this division the one to watch over time. It’s clear that several of these riders will become forces to be reckoned with as their skill level increases.  Safira Kocsis put on a brave show in spite of a less than cooperative horse…she’s a real trooper and like her mom, a great rider.  The Chambers sisters, Leah and Grace, both new to the club this year, took ribbons for the second show in a row. Their brother Zach would have ridden too, but tack problems forced him to scratch at the last minute.  Too bad Zack, we’ll be rooting for you at the next show, when you can show those girls how it’s done.  Laura Perry on Buttons put in her usual solid performance coming within a whisker of taking division high point, which in the end, was won by Madysen Smith on Fazzel Bidazel.  Well done Maddy!

We managed to wrap up things by 1:30, which gave us all time to get home early to warm up and dry out. Thanks for coming everyone. We’ll see you next show.

Paul (MHC Show Secretary)

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