April 28th English/Western Show Notes

If you hold it, they will come, and come they did to our first English/Western show of the year.  We had 32 riders on 34 horses which was a fair turnout considering there were several other shows throughout the lower mainland on the same day.

The weather stated out with a clear sky but as the day wore on it grew cooler and the clouds rolled in. Luckily, the rain held off and we made it through without everyone getting soaked and anytime you can pull that off in Mission in April, you count your blessings.

This show saw some new riders and we want to welcome you to the MHC family. We hope to see lots more of you in the future.  Between shows, if you ever have questions don’t hesitate to email info@missionhorseclub.org and we’ll get you the answers or put you in touch with members who can.  And, you can always check in at our facebook pages.  You’ll be amazed at how friendly and helpful MHC club members are.


In these notes I want to really make a point of thanking those tireless volunteers who do so much for our club.  Horse shows don’t just happen all on their own. To pull them off takes literally hundreds of volunteer hours in the back end.  Most of that work is done by the Board of Directors and a few closely affiliated individuals.  Starting weeks before each show, this group works to arrange judges, maintain the grounds, create printed material, update the website, arrange food service, keep the water tank filled, and a host of other chores.  We do it because we love this club, and we care deeply about the family, friendship and horsemanship values it represents.


But there’s another group, without whose time and effort our shows simply could not go on. They are the moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, siblings and friends that step in to help, show after show, all year long.  These are the folks you see manning the in-gate, the out-gate, handing out ribbons, cleaning the parking lot, hauling jump poles, spotting at games, setting courses and running ring clerk marathons. These are the folks that really are the heart and soul of our club and they’re the ones that deserve most of the credit. They are the reason our shows have become the fun, organized events that we’re becoming known for.  On behalf of the Mission Horse Club Board of Directors I personally want to say thank you for being there.

Yesterday that group included: Colleen Kocsis, Tanya Perry, Tracy Carver, Madeline Albertson, Margaret Jones, Safira’s Kocsis’s dad, whose name I should know but don’t and Kristen Shuil’s mom whose name I should know as well.  You guys really are the best.

If I missed anyone please email me at info@missionhorseclub.org and let me know so I can record your volunteer hours.

See you next show.


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